Music is a tremendous force often underestimated by many. Like the wind, music brings change to everything it touches. It can be soft and tender like a summer night’s breeze, but also rough and fierce like a winter storm. Music has the ability to evoke emotions of peace or ecstasy and awaken the darkest sensations hidden deep within us. As a composer, it is crucial to understand the language of music, an art that Arthur has truly mastered.


Arthur’s passion for music began when he was only eight years old. He grew up idolizing his father’s great musical talents. By the age of 13, Arthur began writing original compositions, learning to sing and play the guitar and the mandolin. In a very short period of time, he also learned to play the piano, accordion and percussion. Building a strong foundation and platform for his musical talents allowed Arthur to expand his skills by working on a number of musical projects as well as playing in various musical bands.


Over the last 25 years, Arthur has successfully worked on numerous theatrical performances, TV shows, computer and console games, films, and other creative projects. Arthur's broad experience enables him to work confidently in different genres of music while creating a unique sound for every project he takes on.